Goodies Box Review #1: Breakfast Cookie



Prior to Goodies Box, I had absolutely no idea what a “breakfast cookie” is. After consuming Erin Baker’s rather filling Breakfast Cookie Mini, now I’m more concerned with how big the full size versions are, and how USPS managed to find my hidden location despite a complete name change and supposed FBI witness protection. But that may simply be the ingenious of our federal postal system.

Regardless, Erin Baker’s Original Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookie isn’t just mini in its title, it is a rather small but incredibly dense cookie that has been baked fresh with whole grains. How fresh, you ask? The instructions on the back recommend that you freeze the cookie to support freshness, which I suppose might be true but with how cold and cramped my freezer is, I wasn’t willing to spend the extended length of time in there to write this review. You also know that it is organic because the folks at Erin Baker use that all-natural signature mediocre blending technology that leaves the food pulpy with chunks of stuff in it.

As with just about everything from the Goodies Box I will be reviewing, Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookie is all natural and with zero trans fats, unlike my monthly Paula Dean butter sampler which can be injected intravenously. The cookie is baked with whole grains, unbleached wheat flour, prune puree, peanut butter, cane juice, water, brown rice syrup, canola oil, inulin (no that isn’t a typo), molasses, baking soda, sea salt, natural peanut butter flavor, vanilla extract, egg whites, aluminum free baking powder, and cinnamon.


And it tastes pretty good. The cookie itself is almost like biting into a very soft wheat bread. The cookie is very moist and soft, almost melting in your mouth but without crumbling apart. It has a soft and not at all overwhelming taste of peanut butter with a hint of wheat. The other flavors (prune puree) don’t seem to affect the flavor at all. If you take it with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee, one or two of these cookies might actually providing a fitting breakfast. The taste is rather unoffensive, neither too bland or too overpowering with peanut butter, and the cookie is filling enough that two might make you want to skip a meal.

Overall, this is a good cookie to have one, maybe two of. Not because there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just an incredibly heavy cookie and costs about $1 a piece. It isn’t loaded with sugar (5g) and contains zero trans fats (total fat 3.5g per cookie). It also has some Vitamin A, C, and calcium.

They’re pretty well priced, too. You can find all of them at BBCookies for about $15 or you can get the regular sized cookies in twelve packs for $18 at WalMart. I suggest not going to Sears, as they apparently charge $25 for the same stuff. What a ripoff, but then again you shouldn’t be buying food at Sears anyway. I suggest buying straight from the source. It’s cheaper and I assume Erin Baker gets a higher share of your money compared to buying from WalMart.


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