McDonald’s: Breakfast All Day And More


Great news is coming to those of us who enjoy McDonald’s breakfast but might not have the time to make it over before 10:30. According to USA Today, CEO Don Thompson stated that the company is considering expanding breakfast to be served all day and is considering innovative ways to expand hours in the United States. The latter part is really impressive, since McDonald’s is already open 24 hours a day, however in the past the company hasn’t had much in terms of accommodation for those of us who travel through the fourth dimension and only get a lunch break between the hours of Snud and half past Nox. Couple that with the ability to get my hands on a hotcake breakfast meal at midnight and all I need to know is how to redirect my direct deposit.

And finally, many of you will be able to have your McDonald’s without going through the arduous process of getting off of your asses and driving. Following in line with Burger King, McDonald’s will be rolling out delivery services nationwide. Further changes to the menu in the United States include the future additions of the blueberry pomegranate smoothie, Egg White Delight, and premium McWraps, among other items.

The breakfast bit is especially welcome because I’m really sick of this happening every time I go into McDonald’s at 10:34.


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