Review: Drive Thru Bacon Cheeseburger


I am very disappointed with AdvancePierre Foods. In the standard “look up the company’s website so I have a joke to start off with” task that precludes every review, I came upon an order form of a magnitude far greater than that afforded to me at my local grocer. More burgers than you can wrap your car around. Jalapeno, mushroom and swiss, barbecue, pulled pork, double, jumbo, and chili dogs, and a ton of chicken sandwiches. And what do I I get to choose from in my grocery? Cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, and spicy chicken. You mean to tell me that I could be reviewing a mushroom and swiss burger and I’m stuck with this bacon cheeseburger? For shame, Pierre.

The Drive Thru brand is something I’ve always laughed and passed over when forcing myself to go to the store. After all, just about any burger you get from the freezer section is guaranteed to be microwaved, soggy, greasy garbage, a pretty accurate portrayal of drive through food. I don’t normally indulge in either offering because I prefer my burgers to be somewhere in the realm of edible, and I don’t drink excessively so I still maintain some level of standard in my daily life this website notwithstanding. There’s something about burger patties that they just don’t sit well once they’ve been cooked, be it in the freezer section or in the trousers of the guy working at McDonald’s, even if the body heat from his thighs manages to keep the food evenly warm. I’m getting off topic.

Immediately I spot a similarity between Pierre and Drive Thru burgers, the misleading advertising. Despite what the box may suggest, there is no lettuce on this burger. Sure, it’s in the picture, but what makes you think that the image on the box should accurately portray the look or ingredients of the product? What are you, a communist? Next thing I know, you’ll be demanding that the burger has bacon on it, or beef. As my local McDonald’s used to tell me, put on some pants. The sign says “no shirts, no shoes, no service.” I think I’ve fulfilled those requirements, thank you. Pierre was smart enough to also not include “lettuce” on the description or list of ingredients. Smooth move, Pierre, but I didn’t bail you out in the war on the planet Vegan Prime to have you lie to me about your toppings.


As far as the product itself goes, this is a pretty standard burger which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it. It is meat with cheese and bread. Surprisingly, the bun held up much better than I expected it would in the microwave, managing to stay soft and decently fresh tasting rather than losing its moisture and becoming hard as a rock. I’m actually more impressed with the bun than the overall product. The rest of the burger is a single strip of soft, floppy bacon on top of a piece of cheese, and a chunk of unseasoned ground beef underneath. Like I said, this is the quintessential drive through burger: Poorly cobbled together, cheap, greasy, and I’m probably not drunk enough to enjoy it properly. Put your condiments on, shut the hell up, and eat your damn dinner, as my mother used to say.

The bacon cheeseburger is also very good for you, at least when compared to consuming the same weight in mercury. Each burger is loaded with 21g total fat, 8g saturated, and 1g trans meaning some of you will never see this product in your stores (see local trans fat bans for details). You also get a third of your daily sodium, a fifth in cholesterol, and some vitamins A, C, calcium, and iron. At two dollars, however, it is honestly a better choice than the stuff you’ll get at the drive through and at a much cheaper price. How much is a burger from the mid to high tier at McDonald’s? Six bucks? I suggest AdvancePierre’s bacon cheeseburger to the same people I recommend McDonald’s to: people too drunk to care. Just try not to burn your house down by microwaving the cardboard box with the burger.

The Drive Thru burger also invokes another familiar feeling of eating at the drive through: Shame. The kind where you think to yourself “I’m never eating that again, this year, this month, this week, well not until tomorrow, between now and my next meal, chomp.” I would recommend AdvancePierre’s Drive Thru Bacon Cheeseburger as a better quality alternative to your standard drive through burger. If you’re going to get an Angry Whopper or something fancy, give this a pass.


7 Replies to “Review: Drive Thru Bacon Cheeseburger”

    1. Totally agree Craig. I just had the Pierre burgers for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised! I much prefer these to McDonald’s burgers. They obviously aren’t anything over the top, just cheap, quick, and tasty.

    2. I’ve bought the cheeseburger and barbecue rib at the dollar store And I figured that for a buck it’s worth a try. They looked like something you would get out of a vending machine. Which I can’t remember if I ever have done that. But I was really surprised especially how good the bun was! And the cheeseburger just by itself is good. The barbecue rib needs a little extra sauce but one time I put onions and pickles and extra sauce on it and it tasted pretty close to a McRib. So I’m emailed them the other day telling them that I like their stuff and they sent me two $2 coupons for Pierre signatures and drive-thru. And the first thing I thought was that I don’t think that we have any Pier’s drive-thrus around here but then I I looked it up and found out that Walmart has them! If I like something I will always email the company saying that and they usually send you coupons every single time!

  1. This is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever read. The author should be doing stand up. I’ve never read a review that I continued with long after I realized what I needed to know. The only downside, that I admit with shame, is that I had bought one of these frozen burgers (in a moment I don’t recall, I swear!) and then actually googled: Drive Thru Bacon Cheese Burger Review; this page is what popped up…thank goodness!
    Whoever you are, come on…show yourself, or at least let me know where I can find anything you write. You are a SCREAM and your refreshing sense of humor is necessarily. It may even save me from buying other foods that I’d later regret.
    I’m being serious! Thanks in advance!

  2. Wow he had to be bored. My kids and I enjoy them. My Winn Dixie no longer sales them been on a hunt to see who else sales them?

  3. The way to make microwave burgers a bit better is to microwave the patty separately in the plastic, take it out, and sit it on a paper towel in a ceramic bowl. fold the paper towel over the other side and squish it, get that fat out. let it drain for a minute while you microwave the bun/cheese
    if you microwave them together, the patty will make the bun super soggy gross

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