International Platter: Lays Lobster Hot Plate


For today’s review, the Shameless Consumer goes international with some foreign cuisine, and I’m not talking about the newest item on the menu at Mighty Taco, or whatever those crazy Italians are cooking up at Red Lobster. No, this is real foreign. The kind that comes in strange packaging, with strange words in a strange language that nobody really understands but they string together a few syllables to make it sound convincing.

Today’s package comes from a place called Thailand, which is a country in not-America. Through my travels on the internet, I’ve come across the fact that many of the companies that you and I both know and love happen to have overseas items that are not sold in the United States of Mainlandia. Crazy, right? Then you see the dish names and suddenly the logic becomes obvious.

Today’s review covers Lobster Hot Plate flavored Lays potato chips. Yes, this is the same Lays that makes American flavors like sour cream and onion, mesquite barbecue, and bacon. Hold on a minute, bacon isn’t an American flavor of Lays. Of all the countries to not have bacon potato chips in, why would America not be one of them?

That’s it, Lays has fallen to the communists. Better wrap this review up and go load the guns in my nuclear fallout shelter. When the time comes, the Lays will be used as kindling for the fires of freedom. They’re not a real American company, unlike Celebrity who have innovated bacon in a can. It even says on the can, “product of hungry.” Hungry people who want bacon.


Surprisingly, these chips look like normal potato chips. I’m not really sure what I expected, maybe a mariachi band to pop out of the bag and start throwing roses. What I found is actually a good chip. Once you get past the initial fear of “hot lobster plate,” the chip doesn’t really taste like lobster. It tastes more like the spices you’d put on lobster, some sort of chili blend that burns the tongue without being incredibly spicy. It gives the chips a nice kick that, honestly, I would purchase more of if they were available in the United States. They aren’t worth paying $7 for another bag plus two or three weeks to ship via standard mail, however, so I won’t be eating these again.

The guy that packaged my chips was nice enough to include an extra, a pack of god only knows what. Seriously, you look at this and tell me what this probably is. Some sort of baked moss.


I guessed some sort of seaweed product, and I was right. Then again, I have two years of Spanish and one year of Rusky under my belt, so I have a distinct advantage when it comes to Thai cuisine. The packaging lists the flavor as “fried curry crab flavor.” Aside from that and the net weight of 2 grams, nothing else on the package is in English. There is a link to the manufacturer, tknclub, where you can find a bunch of other seaweed snacks modeled by good looking Thai young Thai men. The seaweed itself is alright, crispy but light on flavor. If you’ve eaten crab chips then you will recognize the seasoning, albeit a milder form.

If you have $7 to spend, check it out. If you live in Thailand, you can find these at your local grocer. Maybe I’m just disappointed that it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be, but overall I was satisfied with the Lays Hot Lobster Plate chips.

  • Price – $7 (free shipping)
  • Score – 4.5/5, would buy again if locally available.

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