Now In Stores: Kitty Piddle Soda

When it comes to Halloween “spooky” flavors, I consider myself to be a pretty open minded guy. I understand that it’s in the spirit of the holiday to create foods that look like severed fingers, eyeballs, bloody sores, etc. Severed heads made of meat. You get the idea. You know what I don’t associate with Halloween?

Cat piss.

But there it is. The Avery’s website shows a whole list of Halloween sounding flavors: Swamp juice, bug barf, monster mucus, toxic slime, I’ll even give them dog drool. Kitty piddle, though? Someone didn’t tell the folks at Avery’s that Halloween flavors are supposed to be goofy disgusting, not disgusting disgusting.

Kitty Piddle is a pineapple orange soda.


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