Badvertising: Delivery or Digiorno?

Digiorno has a new advertising campaign on TV, and it doesn’t make me want Digiorno. In each variation of the commercial, the scene flips between a delivery driver screwing around and destroying the pizza he’s supposed to be delivering while a guy happily cooks a Digiorno pizza at home and shares it with his friends, no mess. The narrator asks repeatedly: Delivery or Digiorno?

I would be deeply lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy Digiorno pizza, but this commercial doesn’t make me want to go out and buy it. As bad as some of the worst pizzerias are in my area, and living in New York that bar starts out pretty high, the worst pizzeria pizza is still preferable to Digiorno. Real pizzerias, not the likes of Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa John’s.

Digiorno should focus on proving to me that it’s better than its real competition, other frozen pizzas. As long as Archer Farms continues to provide high quality frozen pizza at lower prices, Digiorno’s off the menu.


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