News: KFC Zinger Double Down

I’ve never really considered the KFC Double Down to be a traditional “sandwich.” A sandwich is supposed to be eaten, the Double Down was built to be shared on Twitter and spread across social media to bring attention to KFC. The fact that it’s a real menu item is just an unfortunate byproduct of the process.

You are not supposed to buy the Double Down, and KFC doesn’t expect you to actually order it, which is why they always seem to be out of stock. No, the Double Down only really exists on the internet, sailing through Buzzfeed articles titled “25 craziest fast food items,” and finding a resting place on Men’s Health Magazine’s “this is why you’re fat” page.

There are only two people who will actually eat the Double Down. College kids who have recently consumed what some might sneakily refer to as “a joint,” and Atkins zombies who think the sandwich is a healthy alternative because there is no bread.

The same rule applies to the upcoming KFC Double Down with a burger inside of it. Keep in mind: The proper way to consume the Double Down is completely unrelated to eating it.


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