Review: Coconut Water With Chili Extract

One question that most often graces the Shameless Consumer’s inbox is whether or not the reviews reflect my normal diet, and if so how I am still alive after all of that sodium. To answer your question: No. I don’t eat TGIF frozen food every day, that would be disgusting. I go for the generic equivalent, the portions are generally pretty similar and are a fair amount cheaper.

I love coconut water, and not because I’m part of some stupid health craze. If I was health-conscious this website would be called “Ashamed Consumer” and would feature videos of me sobbing on a couch while confessing that I ate a whole potato chip for lunch.

Now I say that I love coconut water because coconuts are a pretty divisive food. It’s not like milk where people have different opinions on how they’ll drink it, with what, and where. Coconut water is something that people either really enjoy or really hate, and the ones that don’t like it aren’t willing to give it another try, it’s kinda like pooping in pitch darkness in that respect. Some just aren’t willing to take the risk.


Coconut water is also one of those things that’s really hard to explain to someone who has never had it before. What does it taste like? The best answer I’ve come across is stagnant armpit sweat. To put it in perspective, imagine presenting cheese or Kim Chi to an alien civilization.

“Yes, we stick this underground and let it rot for a year or so. I know it smells like foot scrapings and rotting carcass, but that’s how you know it’s good.”

Taste Nirvana describes its product as:

“Makes for a unique blend of our refreshing coconut water with a hint of flavorful spice from real Thai chilies. The end result is a delicious beverage that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you smiling.”

Coconut water and chili extract sounds like it’d be an easy flavor to identify, but it isn’t. The chili extract doesn’t add to the flavor of the water, and it thankfully doesn’t make the drink spicy. What it does do is add a bit of kick to the aftertaste, a slight tingle that sticks on your tongue and the back of the throat.

This drink is 90% coconut water with 10% chili undertones. If you’ve ever drank those oil packets that come with instant noodle bowls, you’ll understand what I mean by “flavor.” Its as if they magically took out the flavor of the chili and just left the aftertaste, or perhaps that’s just what the extract does.

Overall this is just as refreshing as a normal glass of coconut water, albeit just as expensive as a normal glass of coconut water.

Taste Nirvana’s coconut water is naturally sweetened and uses young Thai coconuts, which I’m told are the best kind. There are no preservatives and the only two ingredients are coconut water and chili extract.

As a coconut water, this drink contains 60 calories, no fat, no cholesterol, 400mg Potassium, 15g carbs, 12g sugar, 6% vitamin c, 4% calcium, and 10% chloride.

It’s a lot healthier for you than brands like Naked and Goya, and many other brands (for more information, check out our friends at Food Babe).

Verdict: 5/5. A refreshing drink that coconut lovers will enjoy.

I’m looking forward to taking a glance at Taste Nirvana’s CocoAloe.


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