News: Buy One Olive Garden Entree, Take One Home

Have you ever come out of Olive Garden and thought to yourself, “I kept that meal down, if only I had leftovers of a different meal to heat up tomorrow.” Think no more, because from now until whenever the promotion ends, you can do just that.

Olive Garden’s Buy One, Take One promotion, now in progress, offers one of four entrees for free to take home if you purchase one of seven other entrees. Three of the entrees are premium and cost more, but that’s not important.

So come down and enjoy a dinner that, as activist hedge fund Starboard recently described, is made with “inauthentic Italian ingredients” and “would be unacceptable in Italy.” Marvel in authentic Italian cuisine like the Olive Garden Burger, Spanish Tapas, Fried Lasagna Fritta, and vegetable lasagna topped with chicken which “doesn’t make sense.”

While you’re there, ask to be shown the pots used to cook the pasta. Olive Garden doesn’t salt its pasta water which, while resulting in a bland, mushy, and dry product, does significantly extend the warranty on the pots.

The Buy One, Take One promotion doesn’t last forever, so experience the cuisine that is “barely edible” and “leaves customers consistently disappointed.”


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