Badvertising: McDonald’s “No Kale” Ad Campaign

Today’s Badvertising is a McDonald’s ad from a few months back. I suggest watching it for yourself, but the ad basically bashes vegetarians, foodies, and “gastronauts” and their love of kale, greek yogurt, and quinoa.

It is trolling of the highest order, and it isn’t a new concept to advertising. I wouldn’t even consider it offensive. It’s actually kind of sad.

The No Kale ad launched alongside a new corporate strategy to focus on the ‘lovin’ part of “I’m Lovin It,” and how does McDonald’s start out its plan to (in their words) “bring back the positivity with more uplifting content and conversations in the lovin’ spirit?” They make fun of vegetarians and people who want to eat healthy.

But the problem isn’t the commercial as much as it is McDonald’s itself. The ad comes off as strong fighting words for a company missing sales expectations, losing executives, and rating horribly in service speed and satisfaction while its stock remains stagnant and other fast food joints are growing while they are shrinking.

Compare it to the KFC ad below. Yes, it’s a jab at the competition, but the focus is that eating KFC is fun and exciting compared to a boring sub, not by knocking the guy for eating healthy.


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