Review: Chana Saag Chapatti Wrap

I have to start off with an apology: This review started as a result of a complete misunderstanding. Those of you who read this blog pretty regularly know that the Shameless Consumer is occasionally inattentive, in that I can just about barely read English and the languages that I am literate in (Vulcan and Klingon) are not currently present on packaging in this country.

So in my travels to find a new product to review, I came upon what I thought was a burrito wrap called “China Swag.” Being an overall swagtastic young fellow, as the older folks at the bridge club call me, this seemed like the perfect product for yours truly.

Given this misunderstanding, you’ll have to excuse me if I accidentally refer to the product as China Swag any further in this review.


Chana Saag is a chapati wrap filled with chickpeas, spinach, Indian spices, wrapped in a chapati flat bread. It is all natural, certified Halal, vegetarian (although not certified vegan), and made with milk from cows not treated with rBST.

For those keeping score, Chana refers to the chickpeas and Saag is the spinach sauteed in Indian herbs. The end result is a rather short, thick burrito about the size of your fist.

Cooking instructions involve wrapping the chapati in a paper towel, an act that I’m not entirely convinced affects the heating process in any way. I asked the first associate I could find who told me “sir, this is the women’s clothing department” and couldn’t provide any further help.

To say this food is boring is an understatement, in fact I tuned my television to Bob Ross painting happy skies on PBS to add a bit of adrenaline to the mix. If this product were a human, it’d be the kid in the back of the class sinking into his seat in the hopes that the teacher forgets he exists.


Which isn’t to say it’s bad. I could take or leave the chickpeas, but frankly I love a nice wet, juicy spinach leaf and Saffron Road’s China Swag has this in plentiful supply.

The spinach is definitely spinach, a decent quality leaf that’s a bit soggy but has a fair amount of flavor. The Indian spices didn’t add a whole lot to the mixture, and the whole thing overall is a pretty mild lunch.

Suffice to say, if you don’t like spinach you won’t find much to love in this dish. In fact there isn’t much to love about this dish at all. It isn’t bad, but it has slightly less flavor than dehydrated water, if you added a little spinach into it.

Verdict: 3/5. Not bad, not great. A little expensive for what it offers at $3.50.

Calories – 270
Fat calories – 60
Fat – 6g
Sat Fat – 1.5g
Cholesterol – 5mg
Sodium – 420mg
Potassium – 200mg
Carbs – 45g
Fiber – 9g
Sugar – 4g
Protein – 11g
Vitamin A – 60%
Vitamin C – 15%
Calcium – 8%
Iron – 20%


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