Review: Frosted Flakes Cereal Bowl Yogurt

Frosted Flakes Yogurt is what happens when two parent companies love each other very much, and decide that they can get away with combining small amounts of their brand into one ridiculously overpriced product. Sure, you could save a lot of money and render this review moot by buying a box of Frosted Flakes and a tub of vanilla yogurt, and you’d get a lot more food out of the deal, but shut up.

No seriously, shut up. Your pessimism is both unwanted and frankly unappreciated. If you’re the kind of person who looks at this and says “well I can get a tub of yogurt and box of cereal for the price of four of these,” then shut up. You are not in the demographic.


In theory, this product sounds disgusting. The packaging refers to itself as a “cereal bowl,” which really only serves to conjure up Vietnam flashbacks for anyone who has ever experienced the joy of sour milk. The thought of eating frosted flakes with a spoon, swimming in what is basically curdled milk, makes me want to throw up.

In practice, that’s exactly how it goes down.

I’d hate to knock the taste of Frosted Flakes Yogurt, because it is pretty good. You get the vanilla yogurt mixing with the sweetness of the flakes and the crunch of the cereal, and it makes for a sweet treat. In theory, this should be a perfect mix.

But the feel of it, oh the feel of it.

It’s hard to explain the sensation of eating this yogurt. The thickness of the yogurt and proximity to cereal sets off the brain alarm that you’re eating spoiled food. The taste center of the brain, however, doesn’t detect anything wrong with it because it doesn’t taste like anything is wrong.

Verdict – 1.5/5: Two combinations that shouldn’t go together. Received points because it does taste good if you can get past the texture of eating a bowl of spoiled milk. I couldn’t.

Calories – 180
Fat – 1g
Sat Fat – .5g
Cholesterol – <5mg
Sodium – 180mg
Carbs – 39g
Sugar – 24g
Protein – 4g
Calcium – 10%
Iron – 20%


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