Review: Mr. Q. Cumber Soda

If Shameless Consumer has done anything for the Shameless Consumer, it is the irreversibly raising my standards for beverages to a point where I can’t enjoy any of my old favorites. How do you go back to the artificial, chemical taste of high fructose corn syrup when you’ve sampled the delights of real cane sugar? I ask you.

One of my favorite past times has been to find a product that would normally elicit an immediate negative reaction, and give it a try providing it isn’t too expensive. The kind of stuff that gets abandoned in the clearance section because people don’t like to try new things.


Mr. Q. Cumber’s cucumber soda is a bit of a cheat, since I’ve already had sparkling cucumber soda before and know that I’ll enjoy it. I do feel the obligation to support Mr. Cumber in his trade, after all with that name you don’t have many career options outside of the pickle industry.

Cucumber soda is very straightforward: It smells and tastes like sparkling cucumber water. The flavor itself has plenty of cucumber in it, while not being overbearing in its sweetness. It’s actually a pretty mild tasting soda.

As far as carbonation goes, Q. Cumber’s soda is very similar to a glass of Sprite, a heavy initial fizz that sort of peters out after a couple of minutes. I didn’t even spend the usual time nursing my drink for the review, less than a half hour, but it was nearly flat by the time I’d finished all seven ounces.


I’d be willing to bet that Mr. Q Cumber soda would go great as a beverage with a plate of chicken wings, you know, to avoid having to eat the celery that they stick in the take out box.

Overall, I would recommend this product to try. Cucumber soda isn’t exactly the kind of thing you’d buy a six pack of and drink over several consecutive days, but if you’re ever at the store and think “I could go for a cucumber soda,” it will be there for you.

Verdict – 4/5: Good for a very occasional drink. 

Calories – 90
Carbs – 22g
Sugar – 22g


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