Menu Review: McDonald’s 2 for $2

If you look really close at the McDonald’s graveyard, past the premium sandwiches and ridiculous menu ideas from the 80’s and 90’s that populates every “top 25 failed fast food ideas” list on the web, you’ll find the dollar menu. A product mostly of its time, the dollar menu was a great way to bring in revenue from the lower end of the demographic, that being the low income bracket as well as poor drunk college students.

The dollar menu has mostly gone away, and with it so did the consumers. In an effort to pull back from its decreasing sales, McDonald’s and its competitors have been slowly reintroducing what I like to call the potato chip menu: You can’t buy just one.

The McPick 2 for $2 menu is an evolution of the previous 2 for $2.50. The initial run of the menu offers two items for two dollars, but you have to buy two and the selection is pretty limited. For what it’s worth, you have a pretty decent choice of items: The McDouble, the chicken sandwich, mozarella sticks, and a small order of fries.

You can’t really go wrong for $2, and unlike the $2.50 menu you can choose any two items rather than one sandwich plus fries. If you really want two orders of mozarella sticks, more power to you.

The longevity of this deal will depend on whether or not your local franchisees want to continue past the trial date. McDonald’s expects this to be a promotion that will drive traffic, with the expectation that it will lead customers to making other purchases (like drinks and desserts).

You can probably expect cities where fast food prices are generally gouged to ditch the menu pretty fast. Otherwise this is a great deal for people looking for a cheap meal.


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