Badvertising: Pizza Hut’s Unlicensed Music

Pizza Hut is rolling out its latest terrible commercial, this time promoting not how inauthentic their food is but instead focusing on something slightly more edible: Clothing. Now, licensed clothing from fast food places is fine if you’re still in the target demographic for kid’s meals, but no adult should be walking around wearing a Big Mac shirt. We don’t need you to wear clothing to express your unhealthy addiction to fast food, the watermelon sized paunch does it just as fine.

But since there’s nothing you can say about fast food clothing that hasn’t already been said about Princess Diana memorabilia, that it’s tacky and should probably be regarded as offensive and exploitative, I want to focus on one part of this commercial: The talking. If you listen closely, and by that I mean at all, you’ll notice a man’s voice repeats throughout the commercial.

He’s saying, it’s a watermark that they put on music samples so that you can’t just download or record the tracks and use them without paying, or everyone will know. And thanks to the power of the internet, everyone will know.

You can understand their thinking. Premium Beat wants $250 for a license to cover national advertising, which is probably way over budget and higher than target sales. Better to be able to pin the blame on an intern messing up the editing and not buying a license just in case someone’s lawyer decides to come knocking.


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