Review: Burger King Mac N Cheetos

The Burger King Mac n Cheetos conjures some horrifying imagery, depending on how active your imagination is. The first thought is one of a hollowed out Cheetos puff, filled with macaroni and cheese. A disgusting, yet kind of tantalizing thought, but luckily one that doesn’t translate to the real product.

Burger King Mac n Cheetos is the latest product in the line of crossovers that we’ve come to know as the Fast Food Cinematic Universe, a mixture of two of America’s favorite foods: fried and branded. In essence, the product sounds more complicated than it is, a mozzarella stick with macaroni and cheddar instead of mozzarella.


After lovingly licking the outside of the Cheeto as though it were my baby lion cub, I must admit I’m disappointed. One review perused by the Shameless Consumer prior to purchasing this referenced the product as “coated in Cheetos cheese dust.” Utter falsehood, and understandable if you didn’t actually eat the product but based your review on the website’s description:

Mac n’ Cheetos™ are a hand-held new take on classic mac n’ cheese, perfect for snacking on the go. Mac n’ Cheetos™ are creamy mac n’ cheese covered with crispy Cheetos flavor and served warm.

In hindsight, the logistics behind creating essentially a puffed Cheetos filled with macaroni and cheese is laughably impossible, disregarding the part of pre-cooking (to some extent) and packing them in big boxes destined for Burger Kings across the land. The idea that these are coated in anything is totally false, anyone who says that they have Cheetos dust has not eaten the product or has not sense of taste left.


Instead, what you get is essentially a mozarella stick filled with macaroni and cheese, which isn’t a bad thing. Would this have been better if the outside had a cheesy flavor to it? Absolutely. Or if they rolled it in cheese post-cooking so each bite left a bit of cheese dust on your hands? Of course. Come on, Chester! Sucking the cheese off of your fingers is the icing on the cake for Cheetos, not to mention functioning as quite the mood builder for you couples having a hot date at Burger King.

The Mac n Cheetos apparently comes with ranch dressing, which I would have refused had they actually offered it in the three times I’ve ordered them: first, because the combination sounds disgusting, and second because Shameless Consumer has a ban on pre-packaged ranch dipping sauce. The guys down in legal told me it had to do with the previous Shameless Consumer and Jack Link’s, and a desire to avoid another food poisoning and lengthy lawsuit. I don’t ask questions.


Burger King’s Macaroni n Cheetos are something you buy once and reminisce on how it was pretty tasty, but you’re probably not going to miss once the limited time offer runs out. Alternately, I get the feeling that this would go great as an additional topping to a burger, similar to the Mac and Cheeseburger sold at Friendly’s a few years back.

This isn’t a bad product, by any means. If you’re going to buy a pack, sold in sets of 5, I recommend avoiding the ranch.

Protip: This product does not age well and is best eaten before it cools down. Do not, under any circumstances, reheat. Especially in the microwave. If you’re going to order them, don’t do it if you’re in a rush, they generally are not ready at the time of purchase since they take up space in the fryer.

Verdict: 4/5 – Cheese could be cheesier, Burger King gave me eight for a five piece order, otherwise nothing I can explicitly say is wrong. Would go great on a burger. It works perfectly as a limited time offer and not a permanent addition to the menu.


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