Review: KFC Nashville Hot Chicken Strips

You might be thinking that Nashville Chicken comes from Nashville Tennessee, and frankly I can’t see your logic. Luckily you have historian Shameless Consumer to show you the error of your thinking. Nashville hot is actually the product of Johnny Nashville, chicken farmer and proprietor of Nashville’s very first chicken-themed government protest. Look up “Coop D’etat” in your history books if you don’t believe me.

But enough history, let’s talk chicken.

Nashville Hot is a method of cooking chicken marinated in seasonings, fried, then spiced with cayenne and paprika. It is often served with pickles and a form of bread, since the chicken is greasier than our good friends the Saltinis.


Let’s be clear on one thing: When it comes to fast food chicken, KFC basically has the game down. The three chicken strips I ordered were crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. The cayenne and paprika that make up the “secret sauce” provide a heat that starts out at a low hum and gradually increases its presence as the meal goes on.

KFC’s Nashville Hot is described as:

The Colonel’s latest creation was inspired by one of Nashville’s most famous dishes. Featuring a perfect blend of spicy cayenne and smoked paprika, it’s available in tenders, Chicken Littles™, and Extra Crispy™ Chicken.

Like a perfectly mixed concoction, it gets hot without ever leaving you gasping for a drink of cole slaw or a spoonful of root beer. Imagine lighting your pants on fire because the electric company shut the power off, and having it burn just enough to keep you warm but without singing the hairs off of your thighs. Actually that’s a poor example, imagine being on the receiving end of an ass whooping that you find yourself strangely enjoying.


The KFC Nashville Hot is served in a plastic container with pickles and a biscuit, which will come in handy and I will now discuss further. You see, the plastic container means that there is nowhere for the many oils of the chicken to go but down, leaving what can only be described as an oily soup at the bottom of your container. If you can wait long enough, save the biscuit for last because by the time you finish the chicken, the biscuit will have soaked up many of those oils and spices.

And if you do need solace from the heat, that’s what the cole slaw is for. There are also a few pickles in the mix that help cleanse the palette, and presumably the abundance of oil is what allows the spices, and thus the heat, to stick to your tongue and keep its slow burn.

Ultimately KFC’s Nashville Hot is one of those things that is just straightforward tasty and doesn’t provide whole lot of the funny. If you like your chicken with just enough heat, but not too much heat, this is the meal for your.

Verdict – 5/5: KFC Nashville Hot is a delicious blend of chicken, chicken skin, and spices.


Badvertising: McDonald’s “No Kale” Ad Campaign

Today’s Badvertising is a McDonald’s ad from a few months back. I suggest watching it for yourself, but the ad basically bashes vegetarians, foodies, and “gastronauts” and their love of kale, greek yogurt, and quinoa.

It is trolling of the highest order, and it isn’t a new concept to advertising. I wouldn’t even consider it offensive. It’s actually kind of sad.

The No Kale ad launched alongside a new corporate strategy to focus on the ‘lovin’ part of “I’m Lovin It,” and how does McDonald’s start out its plan to (in their words) “bring back the positivity with more uplifting content and conversations in the lovin’ spirit?” They make fun of vegetarians and people who want to eat healthy.

But the problem isn’t the commercial as much as it is McDonald’s itself. The ad comes off as strong fighting words for a company missing sales expectations, losing executives, and rating horribly in service speed and satisfaction while its stock remains stagnant and other fast food joints are growing while they are shrinking.

Compare it to the KFC ad below. Yes, it’s a jab at the competition, but the focus is that eating KFC is fun and exciting compared to a boring sub, not by knocking the guy for eating healthy.

News: KFC Zinger Double Down

I’ve never really considered the KFC Double Down to be a traditional “sandwich.” A sandwich is supposed to be eaten, the Double Down was built to be shared on Twitter and spread across social media to bring attention to KFC. The fact that it’s a real menu item is just an unfortunate byproduct of the process.

You are not supposed to buy the Double Down, and KFC doesn’t expect you to actually order it, which is why they always seem to be out of stock. No, the Double Down only really exists on the internet, sailing through Buzzfeed articles titled “25 craziest fast food items,” and finding a resting place on Men’s Health Magazine’s “this is why you’re fat” page.

There are only two people who will actually eat the Double Down. College kids who have recently consumed what some might sneakily refer to as “a joint,” and Atkins zombies who think the sandwich is a healthy alternative because there is no bread.

The same rule applies to the upcoming KFC Double Down with a burger inside of it. Keep in mind: The proper way to consume the Double Down is completely unrelated to eating it.